I’m grateful for the legacy of Dr. King and the many others who stood, and continue to stand, tall for liberty and justice for all. Written five years ago, this bit of my own journey is a tribute to a hero of mine. #grateful

The Space Between

A Tribute in Honor of Dr. King
Written January 16, 2012

Having been raised in Oklahoma from the time of my birth in 1960 until the summer of 1975, life for me was a pretty sweet, compact, and safe arrangement. My family, while not wealthy, had many advantages and was blessed by the warmth of a caring congregation in the two churches my father served as pastor. My peer group throughout my first 15 years of life looked and acted very much like me. Our most regular foray into cultural diversity was Indian City near Anadarko, Oklahoma. When I got to junior high school, we had almost 1500 students. Three of those 1500 were black and I knew all three of them. I thought I was good at relating with people of a different background than my own.

In the summer of 1975, my father was appointed to be superintendent…

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