I live in Nashville, Tennessee and, despite its “it city” status, our town has a lot of challenges common to any other growing city. This is especially true on our interstates – which were not originally designed for the kind of growth we are now enjoying.

So here’s one way I know I’m growing older. Okay, two ways. First, I’m just as likely to listen to Siriusly Sinatra or 70s on 7 on satellite radio as I am to listen to a sports talk show on my 16-mile drive in to work at my favorite Christian college. (I know I should be listening to The Message or The Fish or K-LOVE or WAY-FM or some preacher, but…)

The second way I know I’m getting older is how upset I get when people wait till the last possible second to get over into the lane they really need to be in but just think that their schedule is so much more important than everyone else’s! Whew!!! I don’t like long sentences, either, but this just gets me so fired up!

Part of the problem in Nashville is by design or the lack thereof. Our awesome city – and it really is amazing in so many ways – has three major interstate arteries that connect us to almost two-thirds of the US population. I-40 runs almost coast-to-coast; I-65 runs from Mobile to Chicago; and I-24 runs from Chattanooga to somewhere between Cairo and Marion, Illinois. These three interstates converge in downtown Nashville. It might be better to say “collide.”

What happens is that we have these entry ramps that are often in close proximity to exit ramps for the interstate or roadway you’ll need almost immediately. For example, one enters from the right and needs to exit on the left very soon. At the same time, another person is needing to exit on the right at almost the same time the other person is entering the roadway, but he/she wants to stay in the far left lane as long as possible because he/she sees traffic having to wait for the persons entering on the right. But the person on the right stays in the entry lane as long as possible until he/she rudely forces their way into traffic or a kind soul, usually reluctantly, waves them in.

And this left-merging-right and right-merging-left dance goes on almost all day. I know Nashville is Music City and there is some beautiful dancing to be found in our town.  However, this dance is more like a mosh pit in a too-crowded room with death metal playing in the background.

So, to counteract feelings like I just had when a guy barged his way into my lane even though he knew his was running out, I remind myself that occasionally I have driven aggressively and know that people who live in glass houses shouldn’t walk around naked – I mean, throw stones.

And sometimes when the traffic’s crazy listening to Frank Sinatra or Chris Botti or The Cornelius Brothers and Sister Rose is just the tonic I need while I finish my commute and large cup of black coffee.

Pray for me!  I feel so old 🙂

Love to all!!