I’m watching the news this morning and thinking. There’s so much that’s wrong in this world and sometimes, like today, I don’t feel like there’s much I can do to make it better, but:

  • I can be kind to everyone with whom I come into contact.
  • I can treat other people’s kids and grandkids the way I’d want others to treat my kids and grandkids.
  • I can let somebody in on the interstate even when my time is just as important as theirs.
  • I can tip the server well even when the kitchen messed up my order.
  • I can disagree completely with another’s point of view and still enjoy sharing a conversation.
  • I can forgive others, even when they’re not sorry.
  • And maybe a hundred other simple things…

There is so much that can divide us. What can bring us together?

Hate and mayhem bring people together for a moment but devastation is left in its wake. Love and kindness have the power to bind people for a lifetime, bringing hope and healing.

God, please help me choose love and kindness today.