Empty Nest, Full Heart

Sarah and I got married young at 21. We didn’t have much money then, and I guess some things never change 🙂 But we know we’ve been blessed by our sons in ways that are difficult to measure.

Chad and Amy live here in Nashville and it’s great to get to spend a fair amount of time with them. We look forward for their anticipated arrival of a child in about six months!

Brian and Ashley, with our grandchildren Braden and Tenley, live in Savannah, Georgia. It’s the most worthwhile 500 mile trip we can imagine.

And, for a year now, Austin has lived in Los Angeles. He has navigated the LA maze quite well, and is pursuing his dream of sharing his talents with as many as possible.

Having them all together in the same room is more challenging now, but we had three days this past weekend that reminded me of two things in particular. 1) They’ll always be my sons, complete with memories of their childhood. 2) Little boys grow up and become their own men.

While miles and circumstances may separate at times, they are never very far away from a warm thought or fervent prayer in my mind.