I know Christians aren’t supposed to have problems with doubt, but I’ll admit, even though I’m almost always optimistic, there are days where I wonder.

One of my favorite New Testament characters is Thomas.  We don’t read about many of Thomas’s exploits, but we do know he said he was having trouble believing Jesus had come back to life and needed some proof.  When he actually saw his resurrected friend, Thomas’s words “Lord, I believe, help my unbelief,” spoke more truth than most of would want to admit.

Almost every day it seems like a new poll is released to give us snapshots of our culture.  A new Harris Poll indicates that belief in God, heaven and miracles, while still strong, is on decline.  I’ve included the link if you’d like to see the full results.


It’s borderline impossible to convince the unconvinced or unwilling, but one has to wonder if our openness to unbelief or disbelief is somehow connected a perceived decline in our world today.  I see many understandable reasons why doubt creeps in on us, but I’m still hopeful that faith can win the day.

So, here’s a partial list of personal “I Believe” statements:

  1. I believe in the goodness of a Creator God when I see a universe that is so detailed and infinite in its order that it often defies description.
  2. I believe that Creator God is also Father, Son and Holy Spirit for reasons I cannot fully explain but yet embrace.
  3. I believe that our ability to choose to believe or not, choose to do good or not, and to choose love over hate, is exactly that – a choice.
  4. I believe that humanity is not inherently good on its own.  I believe that there has to be something stirred in us, beyond ourselves, to do what is right and loving.  And I believe that “something” comes from the Author of the universe.
  5. I believe in God although I do not understand Him on a scientific level.  Mankind, in all of its collective intellect and human effort, still cannot solve certain mysteries.  Yet, the earth spins on its axis at just the right distance from the sun and the oceans still find their way to shore and back and babies are born and people of all ages die and we cry.
  6. I believe that God loves us with a grace that is beyond our ability to comprehend.  I believe, especially at Christmas, that the whole world is confronted with the most vulnerable of grace illustrated in the Christ child.  Supposed non-believers find themselves singing along with “Joy to the World” and “O, Holy Night” and “Please Come Home for Christmas.”
  7. I believe that God is with us – Immanuel – reaching to us through every act of kindness.  I don’t believe anyone does anything good on their own.  I believe that every good deed is prompted by the spirit of God in a never-ending attempt to reach His children.  And, because of this, we still have a chance for redemption.
  8. I believe that God has been better to me than I deserve.  My life is blessed by my wife and our family and friends and my place of work and my church and where I live and a thousand other things!  I don’t believe that God loves me more than anyone else, but I also don’t believe that He loves me any less than anyone else.  I do believe that I am overwhelmed by grace!

Finally, I believe this is a longer blog than I started out to write, so I’ll stop.

Happy Merry Christmas Holidays!!