Tim Nichols, Craig Wiseman, and Kimberly Wiseman wrote an amazing song a few years that Faith Hill recorded for a Christmas project.  I thoroughly enjoyed the song.  The lyrics build along with the music to a nice crescendo and then closes softly with these lines:

My whole life was turned around

I was lost, but now I’m found

A baby changes everything!

Obviously, the song is written about the Christ child whose coming did indeed change everything. Because of that immaculate birth, humanity had a new lease on life, and eternity will barely be long enough to enjoy that new life!

But for our little family, the little boy you see in the photo above is our game-changer.   Now 18 months old, Braden Talmadge Johnson continues to light up our world.  Thanks to Facebook and FaceTime and iPhones and iPads, we get to share in his world 500 miles away in Savannah, GA.  We love him!  His father, Brian, is our middle son.  Brian married a lovely, talented Alabama girl named Ashley, and they are great parents to Braden!

Brian has two brothers.  Chad is three and half years older than Brian, and Brian is a little more than three years older than Austin.  Chad and Austin really love to be with their nephew, but they come at their relationship with him from different perspectives.

Chad is married to Amy, a beautiful girl with many gifts.  They’ve been married for six and half years but are not yet able to bring a child into the world through conventional means.  Chad and Amy rejoice with their many friends who’ve had children, but with each new birth, they’re reminded that they have yet to experience it for themselves. Their baby moments are vicarious for now.

Austin isn’t ready to be a dad yet.  Rather, he is pursuing a dream of comedic proportions.  Seriously.  He moved to Los Angeles, found a job to work during the day, and goes to a comedy club almost every night.  Austin is a terrific performer and writer.  He’s smart enough to know that giving birth to that kind of career will be a challenge, but he’s going for it.

So, why am I writing about babies today?  Well, seeing the family photo on my computer desktop might’ve been some inspiration.  However, with Facebook being so prevalent, hardly a day goes by that I don’t see a parent or grandparent talking about how much joy his or her kid or grandkid brings.

I’m writing today for three reasons:

  1. To celebrate the gift of life that is given to those fortunate enough to have a child.
  2. To share in the pain of those who would love to have a child and, who for various reasons, cannot.
  3. To lift up the cause of the unwanted children (both born and yet unborn) who are considered as little more than hindrances, or worse, commodities that can be trafficked and discarded.

In 2010, Austin had the privilege of playing a fun role in what was otherwise a very serious movie. October Baby was exceptionally produced for such a small budget.  Jon and Andrew Erwin are terrific filmmakers and they did so well with the story of an abortion survivor.  The themes of adoption and forgiveness effectively overshadow the reality of abortion, but the Erwins didn’t hold back in depicting the pain of those who make a decision to end their pregnancy.

You can find out more about the movie at  It’s well worth seeing!

Now, to the bottom line…

If you have a baby or small child or a teen or a child who’s old enough to have a child, rejoice!  Even in those sleep-stealing moments in the night when you couldn’t possibly be more tired, be grateful!  When your kid gets old enough to tell you that he thinks you’re crazy, jump for joy!

If you have a kid, be doubly thankful, because others somewhere else are wishing that they had one, too.  Say a prayer for your kid AND the kid nobody wants AND the kid someone can’t conceive.

And, by all means, if you are carrying a kid in the womb right now and you’re not sure you want to keep it, consider hanging in there till that baby gets here.  Persons out there are already hoping that the child that you can deliver might be the answer to their prayers.

A baby changes everything… Maybe even the world!