Recently, a 20-something server outed a pastor for being cheap with a tip.

Rather than being chastened for his/her stinginess, the self-proclaimed pastor came back to Applebee’s and demanded that the person who posted the copy of the check on social media be fired.  Interestingly, the server who posted the offending document wasn’t even the one who had been stiffed.  But, Applebee’s management obliged and the young lady is out of work.

I eat out a lot – more than I should, probably.  And I go to a lot of the same places, so I’ve gotten to know many servers at restaurants.  It can be a crummy job for many of them.  It’s usually not the vocational dream most of them set out to pursue, yet it’s what they do.  I know one young lady at the place I go most often who’s working three jobs!

Our two eldest sons did valet parking in Nashville while in college.  They saw the best and worst in people. Sometimes a Titans or Predators player, or a well-known musician, would be extra generous, but many times the best tippers were ones the guys would least expect.  All too often, well-dressed people in fancy cars would be uncaringly cheap.  Sometimes they were cheap AND rude.

Once, at a very nice downtown restaurant, Chad saw his co-worker pull up a Mercedes for a customer.  Chad watched as the customer handed his friend a $1 bill and got in his car.  Chad’s friend walked back around, tapped on the man’s window and said “Maybe you better take this dollar back.  I guess you need it worse than I do!”  Oh, the joys of youth!

Chad’s friend probably went over the line – and, of course, the man in the Mercedes jumped out of his car, went straight to the manager and demanded that the “valet boy” be fired.  Now, I’m not sure the man in the Mercedes claimed to be a Christian, but in Nashville most everybody says they are, even if it’s just to score some political points.  Regardless, Mercedes man could’ve shrugged the whole thing off without trying to punish the valet when it was his own egregious act that created the situation in the first place.

So, what am I driving at?

If somebody renders service to you and it’s clear that a tip is welcomed, if not expected, be generous!  If you can afford to go out to eat, you can probably afford a few dollars more to pass along to your server.  They’ll be blessed, and once you get used to it, so will you!!

P.S.  This rule should apply especially for Christians who eat out on Sunday.  Extra especially if you’re getting a big discount because you brought your Sunday bulletin with you!!!!